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Spring Gifts & Mother’s Day 2023

Spring is here in full swing with Mother’s Day just around the corner. Thank you to all the “Moms” for your kindness, love, and generosity. Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother and Daughter Praying Together - Saint Kateri Rosary Walk
Mother and Daughter Praying Together - Saint Kateri Rosary Walk

I’m sure your home is as beautiful as the spring is here and the bird songs are as delightful as ours. Be on your toes and you will enjoy the smallest gifts God gives us. Then thank Him as much as you can for those small gifts you enjoy through your prayers. We of course thank Him for a loved one’s successful surgery, a visible gift; but we also thank Him for of all the “invisible gifts” He gives us as well. 

Think of the way a newborn baby is so soft or just how delightful ‘puppy breath’ is. Watching someone give the gift of kindness to someone, maybe someone they don’t even know is such a beautiful thing to experience. You cannot see the love but you feel it and know it’s there. Those are just some of the invisible gifts He sends. All we need to do is to look for them… because they are all around us.

Saint Kateri Rosary Walk - Easter Flowers Along the Trail
Flowers Along the Trail

“Missionary Interns” arriving in late May

The excitement now begins. The “Missionary Interns” begin arriving in late May. We are anticipating the arrival of our “New 2023 Crew of Interns”. It always a joyful time listening to their aggregate prayers at mealtime. We know that a life long camaraderie will develop amongst these young men as a result of their “Saint Kateri Rosary Walk Experience”. These are all the ‘invisible’ gifts bestowed upon us, albeit they are gifts from our good God. The Saint Kateri Rosary Walk project is indeed a Profound Spiritual Experience.  

Thank You For All the Hard Work - 2022 Crew
Thank You For All the Hard Work - 2022 Crew

Memorial Nicho Sponsership

Some photos of the tile artwork is shown in our “featured image” at the top of the page. The artwork will be made into 42” X 54” tile frescos for each of the Mysteries of the Rosary.

Would you prayerfully consider a “Memorial Nicho Sponsorship” of one of the tile works for a nicho?  The sponsorship can be individuals, religious groups, families, parishes, Native American tribes, or secular businesses.  Your sponsorship can be made all once or by giving several donations over time.

When a sponsored “Memorial Nicho” is completed, a “Brass Plaque” with the name or names of the individuals that sponsored the nicho will be placed with the Nicho. This is a great way to honor Our Blessed Mother while remembering your family or a loved one. There are still a limited number available.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us (Deacon Ed Schaub) at: 1-575-649-1185 or email:

No Donation is too Small...

If after your sincere consideration of our appeal for your help, you find that your monetary situation requires a dash of frugality and a drop of vigilance, please do not forget… any amount you can share will still move us closer to our goals of completing the Saint Kateri Rosary Walk.

Perhaps more importantly, if nothing else, we sincerely ask for and need your prayers. Those of us who have been working here at the Saint Kateri Rosary Walk for awhile will tell you that the presence of our good God is here and is at times, very palatable. We know He will guide and get us through all we need. May He continue to bless each of you everyday.

Deacon Ed and Anne Schaub  

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