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Volunteering was the most incredibly unique experience of my life!
Joe Ellefson

Saint Kateri Rosary Walk Internship

The day for the “interns” begins with Mass at 6:30 a.m. The work day is from 7:30 to 3:30, weather permitting and all meals are taken together. Most of the construction on the shrine happens in the summer, when groups of college-aged men work through the diocese and the Southwest Indian Foundation in the Catholic Pueblo Revival Internship.

The men follow a daily schedule of prayer, work, and recreation. They receive academic credit and a stipend in exchange for their service to the shrine. Although not an actual “internship” in the usual sense of the word, our “missionary like interns” do gain experience in many similar aspects that will enrich them like no other for the rest of their lives.

The work days are spent learning to make and build with adobe bricks. The work of hauling rocks, building retaining walls, paths and much more is part of the daily regiment. They learn basic stonework and masonry skills led by several expert craftsmen. This gives each participant the opportunity to be a part of the building of something very special for generations to come…the Saint Kateri Rosary Walk.

There are no cell phones, computers or personal vehicles allowed except for emergency use. This helps create a place of “spiritualness” in honor of Saint Kateri. This adds to the “Monk like atmosphere” for the young men who are fortunate enough to experience this wonderful program.

That is not all the interns do though. During breaks the interns get to tour places like the Grand Canyon, Chaco Canyon, El Morro Archeological site and many other incredible places. Lots of great food is included along with free room and board. Only those who feel they are up to the challenge and are able to commit for the entire 9 weeks need apply. Interns can earn up to $5000 while doing something to make the heart feel good!

Work on Adobe Walls
Work on Adobe Walls

“Knowing that the building methods are completely traditional and they’ll last for forever” is a highlight of the work, said one intern, Joe Meyers.

The day closes with Night Prayer at 9 p.m., and there’s an option in the evening for daily Mass in town most days. The men also take a class on Christian virtue, with credit available through Thomas More College.

Saint Kateri Rosary Walk - Moving Stones
Saint Kateri Rosary Walk - Moving Stones

The program “is quiet, and contemplative,” said participant James Lafave. “We do Night Prayer every night and that for me has been probably the highlight of every day, just reflecting on the day, and looking back on things that you’ve been thankful for, and sitting in the silence.”

“Living at a retreat center, working and praying and eating together – the life of the men working on the shrine resembles a kind of pseudo-monasticism.” says Bishop Wall. 

“Interns are really like missionaries, because a missionary is somebody who is sent, and they have been sent to us for this particular apostolate. That is to help build this beautiful shrine,” Bishop Wall said.

Saint Kateri Rosary Walk | Youth Volunteers
Saint Kateri Rosary Walk | Youth Volunteers
To be in the Saint Kateri Rosary Walk Apprenticeship / Internship Program Please Contact Us for more Information

We are now accepting Internship Applications until March 15th, 2024. We look forward to seeing you this summer.

We encourage all young Catholic Men of “mettle” to prayerfully consider this “once in a lifetime” opportunity.

Contact Emails:
The Saint Kateri Rosary Walk - Internship Program

Application Deadline: March 15, 2024
Program Dates: May 27th – August 4th, 2024

Jonathan Kuplack
(530) 340-4655
Bill McCarthy
(505) 870-7568

Mail or Email Application to:
Saint Kateri Rosary Walk Internship
c/o Bill McCarthy
100 west Coal Ave.
Gallup, NM 87301