Saint Kateri Rosary Walk 2022 Missionary Interns

Immense Hope – June 2022 Newsletter

We are so excited to welcome the 2022 Missionary Interns!  God’s gift of grace continues to be felt when you have a chance to speak with these young men of quality.  As I left the “Retreat Center” late last evening, I was awed to see all these fine men praying in the darkened chapel.  It was a beautiful sight.  We are so blessed to have you with us here at Saint Kateri Rosary Walk!

Saint Kateri Rosary Walk New Interns Working 2022
Saint Kateri Rosary Walk New Interns Working 2022

Our good God’s eternal Hope is always evident in the spring, new seeds planted, future fruit.  So too, a new assembly of fine young men; leaders whose arrival generates hope for the future of our project, the future of our Catholic Faith.

“Immense Hope” for our entire world.
Deacon Ed and Anne Schaub

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