Hi Mom and Dad Saint Kateri Rosary Walk Missionary Interns 2022

Fulfilling the Dream – August 2022 Newsletter

Hello all.

Anne and I are thankful to be fully back in the excitement, peace, and hope that perpetually surrounds Saint Kateri Rosary Walk.  I’m smiling at the two adjacent words, “excitement”, and “peace”.  The first of the two words, “excitement”, comes in large part from the extensive, albeit, unsung support this project is given.

The support comes from not only from the energized interns who physically work in the sun, but “excitement” exudes from our bishop, our diocese, our parishes, and the extended, long-term St. Kateri devotion of many of our indigenous population.  The excitement doesn’t end there.

Nicho Almost Finished - Saint Kateri Rosary Walk 2022
Nicho Almost Finished - Saint Kateri Rosary Walk 2022

It seems that everyone who gives anything; be it John and Joni our “Web People”, or our partners and co-sponsors at Southwest Indian Foundation (SWIF), or the nuns and staff at the Sacred Heart Retreat Center; and I must mention the Ladies of Charity who share the work of providing meals, are truly the unsung givers to this project.  They freely give, and give; and in doing so, they create an exciting environment for “the dream” of the Saint Kateri Rosary Walk becoming a reality.

My thoughts gave me the two words side by side and the second word is “peace”, which is close to being the exact opposite of “excitement”. How can there be any such peace among exuberant excitement?  At first it just doesn’t seem possible, but with our good and giving God – anything is possible.

A third word that provides the umbrella for our excitement and peace here at Saint Kateri Rosary Walk, is “Hope”.  The “Hope” is that we will provide a place for a “Profound Spiritual Experience” and Hope for a more God filled future and “Fulfilling the Dream”.

God Bless Deacon Ed and Anne

Help build a special place for now and future generations