Springtime at Saint Kateri Rosary Walk

Easter – Saint Kateri Rosary Walk

April 2023

Happy Easter!

“As we get ready to celebrate Easter we think of and thank God for friends like you.  We feel “egg-cited” sending sweet thoughts and prayers to you for a Happy Easter.  May the risen Lord bless you today and always as you celebrate his victory over death!”  This quote is from the Easter card that we received from our friend and priest, Fr. Dike, and it sums up what we wish for all of you.

Thank you to all those that applied for our internship program for 2023. Vetting of interns is almost completed. We have had another inch of snow, cold temperatures and  lots of wind.  Yes, indeed, spring is here!  It is our good God’s Easter Season.  It is a time for a renewed start and a new beginning.

Temporary Directional Sign to Saint Kateri Rosary Walk
Temporary Directional Sign to Saint Kateri Rosary Walk

We have a new sign along the highway, to help you find our ‘hot spot’. This sign will be a temporary sign, until the easement negotiations can be completed. The plan for summer construction is building the big adobe wall in the Our Lady of Guadalupe Plaza. We look forward to seeing and meeting each and every visitor to the Saint Kateri Rosary Walk.

We, along with our friends and our computer experts, wish you a blessed and Happy Easter.

Yours in Christ,

Deacon Ed and Anne Schaub  

In Prayer at Saint Kateri Rosary Walk
In Prayer at Saint Kateri Rosary Walk

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