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Continuing the Dream – September 2022 Newsletter

Our summer interns have returned to their families, friends, homes, and schools by now, and it reminds me of a Christmas Eve around here.  While there is a loss of the company and presence of our interns, (our friends, our family); there is a luxurious peace and quiet surrounding the project itself.

Like the Christmas Eve’s of my youth, there is a great anticipation for what is to come.  A future of gifts.  Just as I wrote in the June newsletter about immense hope, we are seeing exactly how significant this Project from our good God truly is, it is a gift of Grace for our future.  

We feel one of the most important and anticipated ‘gifts’ of our St. Kateri Rosary Walk Project is the time spent with these wonderful men who join us each summer.  We know that they each come here with a solid Catholic formation.  By providing our summer interns, accredited college class curriculums, ‘Off Time Activities’, camaraderie through shared physical work, private and shared prayer times, and daily Mass, we strive to augment their experience with us, by creating an “All Things Catholic” environment.

These young men are the future of our Catholic Faith, solid Catholic leaders, gifts of Grace for our future.  Our sponsors believe this program provides a Christmas Eve anticipation for a future gift to our Catholic Faith.  We at SKRW recognize this program provides and establishes a corps of young men, leaders, who will become the next generation of Authentic Catholicism. 

This ‘quiet time’ is when the plans and goals for next season are evaluated, prioritized, and firmly established.  That process, in the long term, adds to the great anticipation of what we must look forward to, of just where the project will disclose, define, and identify itself.  The current talk and deliberations for next year, include the completion of the last of the nicho construction and the building of Our Lady of Guadalupe Plaza.

Also, this month, Southwest Indian Foundation (SWIF), our project partner and sponsor; has engaged the ‘Artisan Committee’ that Bishop Wall established, and the decision has been made for the completion of the artwork for the first five nicho images.  This first set will be comprised of the Luminous Mysteries of Our Lady’s Rosary.

As you are able, please donate to our efforts.

God Bless each one of you.

Deacon Ed and Anne

Saint Kateri Rosary Walk - Mountain Flowers
Saint Kateri Rosary Walk - Mountain Flowers

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