Saint Kateri Rosary Walk Pilgrimage 2021

A Profound Spiritual Pilgrimage

On a cold December morning a group of intrepid pilgrims set out from St. Anthony Catholic Mission in Zuni, New Mexico.  Their objective was to give glory to God, honor Our Lady of Guadalupe and to garner awareness for the Saint Kateri Rosary Walk and Shrine, which is still under construction.

St Kateri Rosary Walk Board of Directors Welcomes all Pilgrims
Saint Kateri Rosary Walk Board of Directors

Welcome to all Pilgrims
Pictured: Sr. Sofia Lee, Angela Riley, Gertrude Lee, Deacon Ed and Victoria Begay

The pilgrimage began with a Benediction and a special blessing and ended at the Saint Kateri Rosary Walk site.  As the pilgrims progressed along the route the sun began to shine, as the temperature and hearts began to warm.  Our Lady’s presence and guidance was with each person as they progressed along the route.

The Southwest Indian Foundation provided much appreciated backup with their beautiful new Official Saint Kateri Rosary Walk Passenger Bus, hot chocolate, and lunch.  There were many people honking their car horns and much waving from supporting members of the surrounding communities.  It is amazing how the wave of a hand or the honk of a horn can boost a pilgrims tired step.  The spirit and strength of the pilgrims was impressive as they sang Marian hymns and prayed the rosary.

Desiree Begay, Jennifer Nez, Victoria Begay
Desiree Begay, Jennifer Nez, Victoria Begay

It was a grand day, and the presence of the divine was felt by all, a profound spiritual pilgrimage.  The culmination of the day was the beautiful evening mass of Our Lady, which was celebrated in the Sacred Heart Retreat Center Chapel.  Our hope for this pilgrimage is the initiation of a tradition which we are confident will grow. Won’t you and your loved ones join us next year?

Have a blessed week,

Deacon Ed and Anne

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